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The holidays so far for me


Today is my mother-dearest's birthday so as a gift to her, I'm going to update my blog. It's been hectic but great so far in the holidays, I swear I haven't had one second to rest haha! Because in France, they only have six weeks of school and then holidays, I arrived three-and-a-bit weeks ago, and I've already finished the term (pretty awesome).

So for the second day of the holidays, my host family took me skiing at Mont Lozere. It was really a beautiful day for it, the sun was shining*, and the snow was extremely fresh - I mean, seriously, it squeaked while you were skiing about.
I was unmissable in my bright red full-body-suit snow clothes**, and it was embarrassing to be one of the tallest, and also one of the least skilled at the same time (the unmissableness didn't help when I fell over haha). Because it's pretty close to Mende (Mont Lozere), I saw heaps of people from school, and at one stage I swear heard some guy yell out 'Megane??'. I was wondering how everyone recognised me with sunglasses and a hat and everthing...the Australia Sunnies might have given it away a bit...

I know that you'll be glad to hear that, yes, I have many falling-over-and-making-a-fool-of-myself-at-the-snow stories haha! I thought the ski-lift was a seat right, so I sat down. Turns out it's not for sitting down on, and I went skidding down the hill, luckily it wasn't too far from the beggining. Then after, I didn't have the seat-thing quite behind me when the lift took off, and so there I was, clinging for dear life the whole way up this steep mountainside - kind of like waterskiing. To make it worse, my gloves had gotten snowy when I fell over the first time, and it was so cold, that my hands got acctually stuck to the pole***.
Then, we decided 'You know what, let's go up the fastest and steepest and longest ski-lift'. Yeah, bad idea. Because heaps of people had already taken the lift, there was heaps of different tracks carved into the snow, and I chose the idiot's who obviously had massively long legs - and so they were really far apart and I fell over right in the middle of the ski-lift track. So I'm trying to move over, but I've got my skis on and everything - it was horrible haha!

Today, also, we went to the snow again. And today, also, I have a renewed fear of ski-lifts. I fell over on one, but lucky I caught in my hand the part where your bum is mean to go. And so the lift was dragging me along the ground for like a third of the hill, and when I arrived at the top, a little boy turned around and said "C'est pas grave! Moi, je tombais toujours!"****. And it was soo embarrassing.

Also, on Tuesday, it was Mardi-Gras*****. We went to Mamie's place, and ate the best chips I've ever tasted. And no matter how many times she said, "They're not beautiful, They're well burnt', they were still amazingly tasty. And after, we had this crepe-maker in the middle of the table and we ate so many it was absolutely...a fat tuesday******.

That's it for now, and have a good holiday (even though you're all still working and learning so much at school haha sucks to be in Australia now!).

  • The weather was sweet, yeah
  • * Yes, exactly the same as at dad's 50th (but red, not blue)
  • ** Don't stress, I detached myself by the top of the hill
  • *** "Don't worry! Me, I always fall over!"
  • **** I know what you're thinking but no. A rought translation of 'Mardi-Gras' is 'Fat-Tuesday' (mdr!)
  • *****^^^
  • ****** We're lucky as!

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