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On Saturday, my host dad took another boy called 'Etienne' and I to the snow (my host brother was playing handball'*)!! I have a feeling it wasn't a ski resort or anything, but it was absolutely amazing - the snow was so deep - to prove my point, my host dad got massively bogged in it on this really desolate road up in the mountains - luckily someone drove past. It's really weird that we were up there with numb hands from throwing snowballs and soaked from receiving these while everyone was back in Australia (hopefully in the rain) but still above minus-whatever-it-was degrees!

We went on a 'tour' (which I believe means 'to walk in a circle') around in the snow, and it was exactly like illustrations from a book about Christmas...written by Santa**! I swear the trees looked so amazing, and up in the moutains there were heaps of wind turbines*** and it was bizzare to have so much whiteness all in the one place!

The next day, I saw my first true game of Handball - which according to my friend Julie is 'The best sport of the world'. The first game I saw was boys playing, so as you can imagine it was extremely physical with bodies flying all over the court (I'm not exaggerating). I swear I saw these boys die about 20 times, but they just got up ad kept playing - I was like 'What are you doing, you crazy fools?'.

Ok, Ill try now to explain Handball for all you twats that don't know what it is****. For me, it was like a mix between Netball and Soccer...and if that doesn't make sense I don't know how else to explai it. They throw the ball like netball, but when they catch it, they can run a bit, but after they have to bounce it, so I guess it's a bit like footy as well (haha!). They have a 'goal circle' like in Netball aswell, but the people who want to score can't go in there, just the keeper (who plays like in soccer - because there are soccer goals, not like netball or footy there haha). Anyway, so that's Handball for you.

After, I watched a girls game, which was good because I saw girls from my classes playing and they were really, really good! It was different to the boys game, they had heaps of formations and hand signals and stuff, it was cool.

Anyway that way my weekend for you, it was a good one. Oh, and also I saw an add that was, I swear, exactly the same as the O'Brien add, but with a different company and in French! I was freaked out.

See you all soon!

  • which i'll explain later if you can wait
  • * or someone comparably magical
  • ** good job France
  • *** AKA me upon arrival in France

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"O O O O'Brien......."
Yay I've signed up!
I can read your blog, now I just want pictures.
It's funny because when I was talking to you Sat morn (your time) you thought you were about to go to handball...and you end up at the snow. Do you know what they are telling you?? ha ha.

by Dianne Glass

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