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all seasons in one day

Well, here's my first post since arriving in France, sorry I didn't get in earlier, but I've been busy trying to actually understand anything that's happening... I have a feeling tha I'm going to school this afternoon, and yesterday there was a big debate with my host mum, my club president and the principalabout what to do with me at school (woops).

I'll start from leaving Melbourne airport, which seems like soo, soo long ago now. My mother and I, being as clever as we are, decided to take advantage of each and everyone of the exceptions to carry-on luggage, which I realised once I actually had to carry it was a very bad idea. Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur was really exciting, talking about what it would be like, host families and schools and stuff like that. Hannah and I were excellent knitters, and I think our jumpers are coming along extremely well (haha). We opened a journal that Nici gave Maddy, and it was absolutely amazing - magnificent cover and loverly* notes and photos inside - beautiful. When we arrived in Kuala Lumpur, even thought it was apparently only 27 °C, I seriously couldn't breathe - the humidity was so bad it felt like we were breathing in water! I still have 1 Malaysian dollar from buying a Strawberry and Orange juice, and I swear nothing has ever tasted so good - on the 8 hour trip from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur, I maybe got water twice?

From Kuala Lumpur, the plane trip seemed to go for hours and hours and hours (which is probably because it did). I slept for maybe two hours and then spend the rest of the time wondering when others were going to wake up, and watching Hannah Montana and Monsters INC. I think that the fact I was going away for a year sunk in about then - because was thinking to myself ' I am soo tired, can't wait to get home and relax' and then I was like ' Wait a minute...'. It was a pretty awful feeling at the time I guess.

The train from Paris to Lyon was funny - I went with two other Aussie girls, and I swear we nearly missed it soo many times. Waiting in the line to buy tickets for half an hour, and finally getting them about 5 minutes before it left, then running (which was harder than you think, Kim had a bag without wheels, and 20 kilos is a lot) from the ticket counter to the station, and realising that we were in the very back carriage, then Trevor asked for our famillies' phone numbers less than a minute befor the train left. On the train, the walkway was just too small for our bags, and all the French people on the train laughed at us haha!

The train from Lyon to Clermont-Ferrand was much, much slower than the previous one - but it was good because there was a whole four seater for us to stack our bags haha! It was so embarrassing, we had left them in the walkway at the back of the train, and the French conductor came up to us yelling ' Non, non, non! BlahBlahBlah des baggages blahblahblah c'est trop dangereux!! Blahblahblah maintenant!!'.and we all just looked at each other like ' Oh my god, what did he just say??'. But it was ok because we were his best friends by the end of the trip, and he asked us where we were from and then said 'Ahhh!! Kangaroo!' it was hilarious!

Anyway, that's the travelling part done, and I'll make another post about my arrival and stuff (just so this one isn't too convoluted). Au Revoir :)

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